Energy Savings

safety-picElectrical safety is our top priority at Ardee Electric. With over 30 years of safety experience, we understand the importance of a safe and properly wired home or building. We take preventative steps to ensure that all electrical wiring and applications are up to code. Our Electricians are professionally trained to help make sure that every home or commercial business is as safe and secure as can be.

Ardee’s Electrical Inspection will alert you to any deficiencies in the electrical system. This is also a valuable tool before a possible new purchase. It will let you know if the property is safe, does it need any updating and will it suite your future needs. Building authorities are constantly updating codes, for our general safety. Depending on the type of building an inspection can be a basic walk through or a more extensive procedure.

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Proper safety measures include:

GFI Protection

Add GFI (Ground Fault Interupter) protection to all exterior, kitchen, bath, garage or any wet location. This is the first step at providing a safe environment while using electrical devices.

Child Proof Electrical Outlets

How many times have we seen children and even unsuspected adults touch outlets or other electrical devices in a unsafe way? We will make sure that the electrical outlets are child proof and “tamper proof resistant”

Extension Cords

Care must be taken when using extension cords. None should be used for permanently installed equipment. Cords must be in good condition protected by GFI. Correct sizes and type should be used.

Electrical Devices

  • Switches, receptacles and plates must be in good order. No broken pieces or openings where someone can access live wires.
  • The latest electrical code requires tamper resistant receptacles where the openings are only accessible to the proper plug.
  • All receptacles should be a grounding type (3 prong type) any receptacles that aren’t should be replaced immediately.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers provide your electrical system with a means of overload. In case of excessive use or damaged equipment it will trip before damage occurs to persons or property.

  • If a circuit breaker trips, before trying to reset it un-plug any appliances, lamps or cords. To reset, turn to the off position and then to the on position. If the breaker continues to trip call for service.
  • If water or rust is apparent from any electrical apparatus this could be a very dangerous condition and should be immediately serviced. This could potentially cause damage to equipment or most importantly cause harm or personal injury.

Always take every precaution when working around wet locations with tools or electrical cords.

Electrical Inspections

safety-pic-2This is key for the maintenance and up-keep of any electrical system and wiring in any Home or Business. Over time electrical systems need to be thoroughly checked and maintained to the highest standard of safety and compliance. Our inspections will go over all possible

We know that being more energy efficient is a great way to save money and help the environment . Making sure that all the electrical wiring and systems are properly maintained is crucial for optimum energy output.

Our suggested recommendations include:

Thermostat control
A programmable thermostat enables you to adjust the thermostat of your home or business saving necessary used energy.

Temperature control
Having a temperate controlled Boiler allows you to have a personalized temperature for your boiler eliminating excessive heating and saving you anywhere from 10 to 30 percent.

Lighting control
Using devices such as timers and motion to control your lighting allows you to limit the usage of your lights to only when they are necessary. Energy lighting efficient systems include Fluorescents H.I.D and L.E.D

Using premium efficiency motors run cooler. last longer resulting in less energy usage

We recommend using appliances that have the energy star logo on it